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Why My Colleague Thinks I Only Drink Fresh Mint Tea



Through several (playful) experiments I try to discover what first impressions are based on: I interviewed people about pictures of others and asked them what this person would be like, what he or she would like to do and if he or she could become a friend.


First Impressions

My colleague thinks I only drink fresh mint tea. I told him that I am into many other flavours as well. That's when he said: 'Oh, in that case you are definitely a latte-macchiato kind of girl.' I was surprised that he sounded so sure about himself. This small conversation made me think about the way I categorise other people. I also started to wonder whether others associate my appearance with fresh mint tea as well. Also, I started to question the thoughts of my colleague; was he conscious about these thoughts he had of others?


Our own perception is not the only one. We easily forget that there are many more point of views. Besides that, many people do not even realise that they have these 'quick thoughts' about others. Where are first impressions based on? This project is a search for first impressions. Through several experiments I collect many thoughts on first impressions. This way my project is a growing archive on how we perceive each other.

Fenna Wenselaar 2019