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Van die Ambtenarendingen

Van die Ambtenarendingen

The Ministry of Finance The Hague introduced a project that aimed to

question the stereotyping of civil servants. Therefore I interviewed 5 civil servants, all representing a different department within the ministry. These conversations were about their function and opinion about what a stereotype civil servant is like. Besides, I focussed on other parts of the conversations just as the way they took control over the talk and how they (sometimes) not really answered my question.


By comparing these 5 conversations with each other, I could formulate a stereotype created by the civil servants themselves. I also added some observations I did myself and compared these with the expectations I had before I started the interviews. I worked with circle diagrams to visualize all these thoughts and discoveries.



Apart from the diagrams, I combined pictures I took during the interview-days with quotes I considered to be remarkable. On top of that, I visualized the structure of each conversation based on the way I experienced it.


This project resulted in both an internal-exhibition and publication.


Projectdesign by Bregje Jansen & Samir Aiddouch, Stagiairs MinFin Kunstcommissie, February-June 2017.





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