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On show at:

Dutch Design Week 2019

Graduation Show - MA departments

Design Academy Eindhoven


19 October - 27 October 2019

former Campina Factory

Near Kanaaldijk-Zuid, Eindhoven




MA Graduation Project


Instaturgy is a one minute video series about the relationship between Instagram and theatre. In each episode we follow Someone, who truly wants to live a happily ever #instalife.


Each episode questions a part of Instagram: #profilepicture, #followers,  #hashtags, #bio, #theme, #story and #detox.


This project approaches Instagram users as theatre-makers, where users take in the position of the writer, director, designer, editor and actor of their own story. However, they seem not yet to be able to take in the position of the dramaturg, who is the person in the theatre able to look at the design of a performance.


The video series questions the dramaturgy of Instagram by deconstructing an Instagram profile. With a little help of users explaining how to deal with a specific part of the platform, Someone applies Instagram behavior in our actual, offline lives. Because, well, Instagram might be an online platform, it definetely has a strong influence on our everyday lives.


Fenna Wenselaar 2019