First Impression To Go

I did several experiments for my graduation project named 'Why my colleague thinks I only drink fresh mint tea' with the aim to find out what a first impression is and if we can rely on them.


One of those experiments is giving away first impressions to go. Talking about prejudices often is an difficult and loaded topic, which is why I decided to do so from behind a puppet-show-theatre.


When someone is curious about my first impression, I write down what I see and think. Afterwards I'll have a short check-up with the visitor whether my thoughts were true or not.


Every now and then the First Impression To Go Installation can still be found on festivals and other events to give their visitors an interesting and refreshing experience on first impressions. As we all have them and as we are all curious about how we are seen by others, it is a playful way to open up the conversation.


Don't hesitate to contact me by interest.

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Fenna Wenselaar