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Are you looking for ways to translate your knowledge into visual media? Feel free to reach out if you need a creative to think along with you. For instance, when you're an entrepreneur and you want to bring your ideas a step further. Contact me if you need an extra team-member for 1hour (or more).

Do you need a designer to create content for you? I can help you with your digital communication and videos such as this explanatory video above.


Are you organising an event or festival? The first-impression-to-go installation could add an interactive experience to your program. I transformed a puppet theater into a safe space to exchange first impressions.

Each visitor receives my first thoughts written out. After sharing my first thoughts, I ask the person in front of me whether they agree or not. The installation travels around since 2016. Over 700 people have received a first impression ever since.

book this experience!
The installation has been booked by, among others, Municipality of Utrecht, Lief Festival, Hogeschool Utrecht and Young Art Festival. Contact me for information on pricing, bookings or other questions.