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information & social design

As an information & social designer I aim to use design as a tool to explore complex topics in a playful way.

I hold a MA in Information Design from Design Academy Eindhoven (2019) and a BA in Fashion Design & Communication from Hogechool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (2016).


Today, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the neverending streams of input we get confronted with on a daily basis. The information age requires new skills to help us navigate through our everyday lives. Design is a great tool to investigate this. New critical tools to understand the way we (want to) communicate are necessary to maintain healthy relationships with ourselves and others, both online and offline.


By developing playful media, methods and interventions I invite people to explore and question their everyday lives. As a designer I aim to contribute to a future in which design methods are a common tool to communicate information in both media and education. This to empower people to deal with the complexities they are confronted with on a daily basis.

design research

In my design practice I investigate social codes and attitudes as they play a big role in our everyday communication. Some topics I've explored in the past are: first impressions, the process of othering, reading journalistic photography and visual communication on Instagram. By visualizing how certain (unconscious) communication processes work, I aim to open-up conversations about what we do/think, why and how we would like to act instead.


Let's make stories together!

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Full CV is available on request.

events & exhibitions


Papier Hier (x MOAM)
@ Koningklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag.
Thursday November 26 - End of December

(The Papier Hier exhibition will travel the Netherlands until March 2021. More locations follow.)


Graduation Exhibition DAE
@ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
October 17 - 29


Overturning Othering
@ Special Tribunal for Lebanon
November 8

The Way We Think
@ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
October 20 - 28

Overturning Othering (The Hague Thinking x Design Academy Eindhoven)
@ Electriciteitsfabriek The Hague
September 21

De beste versie van jezelf (Young Logeion)
@ Future Communication Utrecht
February 7


Thuiscomdag Communicatiemanagement
@ Hogeschool Utrecht
November 16

VGCT Congres (Forta Opleidingen)
@ Veldhoven
November 9

Lief Festival
@ Strijkviertel Utrecht
September 2

Van die Ambtenarendingen
@ Ministry of Finance The Hague
June - August


Inspiratiemarkt Gemeente Utrecht
@ Stadskantoor Utrecht
June 8

SWITCH festival
@ Spoorwegmuseum Utrecht
April 7

Week van de Vooroordelen
@ Stadskantoor Utrecht
December 12 - 16

Hier is Utrecht (Design Perron)
@ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
October 22 - 30)

Young Art Festival
@ Beverwijk
July 15 - 16

FunX radio (Interview)
@ Show of Rutger
July 5 between 13:00 - 16:00

First Impression To Go
@ Stadskantoor Utrecht
July 4 - 8

We Are - Graduates HKU
@ Radboudtoren, Hoog Catharijne Utrecht
June 15 - 19

@ Kapitaal Utrecht
April 16


Blikken & Blozen
@ Academiegalerie Utrecht
February 28 - March 21

Moving, Breaking, Common Making
@ Vita Havet, Konstfack Stockholm
(December 10 - 12