fenna wenselaar: playful design & visual sociology → info@fennawenselaar.com

In short
I am a curious, ambitious and a little wayward human being. As a designer I love to explore everyday phenomena that we consider to be normal. My projects mostly address social behaviour, such as first impressions, maintaining an Instagram profile and creating a financial bubble. In June 2019 I achieved a master degree in Information Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. The project I graduated with is called Instaturgy, a project exploring the relationship between Instagram and theatre.

Design practice
My work consists out of a variety of tools for conversation addressing social complexities. To me, design is an unmissable tool to deal with complexities we face everyday. Approaching topics visually empowers us to explore different perspectives and possibilities. I think designers have an educative role, in a sense that they provide accessible tools for exploring, understanding and learning.

Within my projects I often refer to performance. Sociologists (such as Erwin Gofman) compared our everyday life to performance. Particularly within the digital realm people tend to perform aspects of their everyday life. Social media empowers people to control every single detail of their story. Performance plays a big role in our everyday lives, especially with the rise of social media platforms such as SnapChat, Instagram and TikTok.

I design methods, interventions, installations, video series. In doing so I use design-methods such as: visually investigations, collecting, observing, speculating, exaggerating, de-contextualising. All in order to search for new perspectives, and find the right storyline. The tone of voice of my work is accessible, playful but critical.

I aim to contribute to the education of ourselves and next generations when it comes to social aspects of digital culture. I hope to provide tools that help people to not lose themselves in the overwhelming online information-jungle.

Field of research
My focus of research is human social behaviour in the information age. This often involves the way our offline and online lives merge together. The internet empowers people to share anything anytime. To me, it sometimes feels as if we are all together in one big conversation that’s hard to keep up with. Millions of people post, share, re-share all kinds of stories. But, which story to believe? It’s often difficult to distinct fact from fiction. In the information age we’re constantly asked for our attention. Many of us face difficulties navigating through this demanding digital environment. How to grow up in a world that partly exists online? My projects often explore such sociological questions. Basically all things people do and think trigger my interest. It is the way we tell stories that I enjoy discovering.

Let's Connect!
Curious to explore possibilities in how we could work together? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at → info@fennawenselaar.com

events & exhibitions

Graduation Exhibition DAE @ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (October 17 - 29) Project: Instaturgy

Overturning Othering @ Special Tribunal for Lebanon (November 8) Project: (No) Other Self

The Way We Think @ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (October 20 - 28) Project: (No) Other Self

Overturning Othering The Hague Thinking x Design Academy Eindhoven @ Electriciteitsfabriek The Hague (September 21) Project: (No) Other Self

Young Logeion: de beste versie van jezelf @ Future Communication Utrecht (February 7) Project: First Impression To Go

Thuiscomdag Communicatiemanagement @ Hogeschool Utrecht (November 16) Project: First Impression To Go

Forta Opleidingen @ VGCT Congres Veldhoven (November 9) Project: First Impression To Go

Lief Festival @ Strijkviertel Utrecht (September 2) Project: First Impression To Go

Van die Ambtenarendingen @ Ministry of Finance The Hague (June - August) Project: van die Ambtenarendingen

Inspiratiemarkt Gemeente Utrecht @ Stadskantoor Utrecht (June 8) Project: First Impression To Go

SWITCH festival @ Spoorwegmuseum Utrecht (April 7) Project: First Impression To Go

Week van de Vooroordelen @ Stadskantoor Utrecht (December 12 - 16) Project: First Impression To Go

Hier is Utrecht @ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven: Design Perron (October 22 - 30) Project: First Impression To Go

Young Art Festival @ Beverwijk (July 15 - 16) Project: First Impression To Go

FunX radio (Interview) In the show of Rutger between 13:00 - 16:00 (July 5) Project: First Impression To Go

First Impression To Go @ Stadskantoor Utrecht (July 4 - 8) Project: First Impression To Go

We Are - Graduates HKU @ Radboudtoren, Hoog Catharijne Utrecht (June 15 - 19) Project: First Impression To Go

DAAR @ Kapitaal Utrecht (April 16) Project: First Impression To Go

Blikken & Blozen @ Academiegalerie Utrecht (February 28 - March 21) Project: I'm Asleep Already

Moving, Breaking, Common Making @ Vita Havet, Konstfack Stockholm (December 10 - 12) Project: I'm Asleep Already